School of Sorcery Camp is off to a flying start

School of Sorcery Potions Class – We were sorted into our houses: Leoador named after Leonardo da Vinci, Teslathern named after Nikola Tesla, Johnsonclaw named after Katherine Johnson, and Hopperpuff named after Grace Hopper. Each of us received a vial of liquid, which changed colors once a magical indicator was added. After being sorted we went to our house workstations complete with cauldrons and specimen jars and created 4 potions. We started with a Giggle Drought which causes uncontrollable laughter then we quickly made the antidote Living Death to calm ourselves down. Next, we brewed a Love Potion and took a whiff to see what Love smells like (overcooked broccoli), we decided we aren’t ready for Love Potions yet. Finally, we learned a spell that caused our potion to grow and grow and grow. It flowed over the sides of our cauldron. After we made our potions we learned about Normies (non-magical people) and how they use something called Science to explain Magic. Instead of Potions, they call it Chemistry. Normies are weird creatures, they use Troll Boogies aka Green Dish Soap to clean their dishes. Yuck! 

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