Our Programs

Values That Make a Difference in the Ecosystem

Prairie STEM instills core values of understanding in children that they are beautifully and wonderfully created and their greatest asset is themselves. We work with students and teachers to meet and engage ALL children wherever they are to not only improve hard skills using the best tools in technology but more importantly improvements in soft skills through relationship building, authentic connections and empathy towards one another.  Most importantly, we measure success in both NGSS as well as SEL impact through continual program evaluation and longitudinal studies via strategic partnerships with research 1 university institutions.

Working with K-12 teachers and administrators to provide customized solutions to deliver lesson plans and curriculum that make teaching subjects and standards more engaging and efficient.  Through our consortium of partners, we use robotics, programming, innovation challenges and industry-leading platforms to teach 21st century skills starting at the earliest ages.

  • K-6 – traditional academics, foundational knowledge, soft skill development, lessons focused on empathy, grit, determination, perseverance via success through failure teaching.
  • 7-9 – Bridging the foundational learning to critical thinking and creativity, full exposure to design thinking and introduction to innovation challenges
  • 10-12 – innovation challenges full engagement, high frequency iteration for design process, connections to expert level feedback, 1000 hrs of skillset reinforcement, patent pending pathways, roadmap to 21st century workforce development, STEM-entrepreneurship opportunities for self-actualization.

We work in after-school programs to continue the programs that both excites and ignites the passion for more STEAM-based innovation learning and challenges.

  • Clubs/Teams – Robotics clubs, Engineering clubs, Maker space, Business clubs (DECA), STEM entrepreneurship
  • College for Kids
    • Weekends
    • Metropolitan Community College/DO Space

We provide continuing education for kids interested in STEM-related activities to enhance and promote new passions and interests that are otherwise not available.

  • Robotics and Engineering
  • Innovation Challenges in STE(A)M
  • STEM Entrepreneurship

We work with districts, teachers and organizations to provide professional development and graduate-level continuing education for those looking to dive in deeper within their teaching careers.  We use train the trainer models in blended classroom environments teaching and sharing novel techniques and approaches to engaging students where they need it most for 21st century student and workforce development.

  • University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) Accredited Graduate Level Credit
    • Blended Learning
    • Online
    • Classroom
  • Teacher workshops
    • Customized
    • Lesson Planning
    • Integrated Standards