Upcoming eSports for Good Tournaments

Fortnite (2v2 Boxfight) – July 16/17

Sign up – bit.ly/PSTEMFortnite


Minecraft (Java Build Tournament) – July 31st

Sign up – bit.ly/PSTEMMinecraft


Valorant – August 20 & 21 – Sign up – bit.ly/PSTEMValorant


Overwatch – TBD


Please email Kim.Beck@PrairieSTEM.org for more information.

Sports Offered

  • Rocket League
  • Minecraft (Bedrock and Java)
  • Fortnite
  • Valorant
  • Overwatch

More to come, soon!

What are


eSports is the competitive organized playing of video games. This is an up-and-coming sport that offers numerous benefits to athletes as well as scholarships.



Did you know?

$14 million dollars was awarded to eSports athletes in the United States in 2018 alone!

Plugin to Our eSports Programs and

Be Apart of the Team!

eSports Athletes Build:

  • Teamwork – Can’t win by yourself
  • Communication Skills – Every member plays a role
  • Strategy – Real-time strategy
  • Resilience – Everyone loses in games, learn from the loses
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Leadership
“As our society becomes more isolated by burying our heads into our cell phones, we see teenagers doing the same thing. The world has changed. While walking around any shopping mall on a Friday evening, we do not see groups of teenagers “hanging out” together. The 2019 version of socializing is communicating digitally on their devices. eSports helps to meet these young people where they are and promote global communication in a way they enjoy.” -NASEF Website

eSports Develop
Job-readiness Skills

We are looking for teachers to set up teams in their middle or high schools!

For Teacher/Sponsor:

Bare minimum time commitment (with 1 team playing 1 sport/game):

  • At least 1 day of practice (around 2 hours)    
    *2 or 3 days of practice would be best
  • At least 1 match every week (Between .5-2 hours)   
    *Depending on which sports they have, there is the opportunity to play in multiple leagues
  • Possible additional time for outside of the season tournaments

For example, a typical bare minimum weekly schedule:



Monday – Overwatch practice 3:30-5:30   
*Include some team-bonding activities


Wednesday – Overwatch match at 4 —
(Warm-up at 3:30)

Example of an ideal weekly schedule:


Monday.- Overwatch practice 3:30-5:30   
*Include some team-bonding activities


Tuesday – Overwatch match at 4 —
(Warm-up at 3:30)


Wednesday – Overwatch match debrief 3:30-4:30


Thursday – Overwatch research –
(Watch streamers play specific roles/styles, practice with secondary roles) 3:30-5:30


Friday – Overwatch opponent scouting
and scrimmage 3:30-5:30

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