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We provide continuing education for kids interested in
STEM-related activities to enhance and promote new passions and
interests that are otherwise not available.

These camps are offered multiple times throughout the year.

Elementary School (PreK-6th grade)

  • Elementary Physics: Science of Forces
  • Math Rocks: Number Sense
  • Reading is FUNdamental
    Camp Trifecta
  • Coding: The Language of the Future
  • Roblox Creation Studio
  • Space Camp
  • Inventors Camp
  • World of STEAM
  • School of Sorcery Years 1 & 2

Middle / High School (6th-12th)

  • Digital Art: Procreate 101
  • Apple Apps
  • Shoutcasting 101
  • Jewelry Making with Resin
  • Hydroponic Herb Garden
  • Careers in STEAM
  • Tabletop Wagon Planter