What is

Girls in STEAM?

Girls in STEAM is a 10-week program (1 session/week) where girls (ages 8-14) come together to be engaged, enriched and empowered in all things STEAM. Working among peers and led by women leaders in a safe, positive environment, the girls envision themselves as someone who can not only excel in STEM education (and future STEM careers) but also learn inherent talents by going through this hands-on, girls-only journey. Through public/private partnerships including UNO/UNL, Facebook, Sherwood Foundation, Peter Kiewit Foundation, Papillion LaVista Schools Foundation, Community organizations (Collective for Youth, Girl Scouts, Omaha STEM Ecosystem, 75 North, UNO Scott Scholars, UNO STEM TRAIL) with several school districts to bring STEM education/career pathways to girls and helping them discover their greatest value.


This past year our program consisted of over 200 girls from the Omaha Metro area who went on to compete in the Nebraska Robotics Expo!

Schools Who
Participated in 2020

  • Papillion Middle School
  • Howard Kennedy
  • LaVista Middle School
  • Lothrop, Oakdale
  • OutrSpaces

Our Curriculum

The first 5 weeks are slotted for S-T-E-A-M specific topics, the last 5 weeks are devoted to working on Nebraska Robotics Expo (NRE) events in teams with the final day as a mini-Expo where the girls-only teams are invited to participate in the NRE. Every week is wrapped around a girls-empowerment theme (Balance, Compassion, Empathy, Confidence, Equality, Strength, Leadership, Assertiveness, Resilience, Mindfulness). Prairie STEM staff works in concert with teachers and volunteers to provide curriculum, content, materials, and support at each location.