Prairie STEM Is Busy With Summer Camps

We have 8 camps running this week: Space Camp, Coding Language of the Future, Inventors Camp, Trifecta, Rocket Camp, Robot Camp, and Resin Jewelry. Some of our camps this month are virtual, and some are in-person. Next month, most of our camps will be in-person at our new location at The Mastercraft building.

Our Robot Camp is being held in person at UNO. The students are learning all about how to operate, drive, use them to do tasks, and program them. Rocket Camp is being held at Howard Kennedy Elementary School. The students get to experience several different types of rockets, one that they construct themselves, some they use bicycle pumps for propulsion, and some are even bigger. Another in-person camp this week is Resin Jewelry and held at Girls Inc. The girls have been learning all about resin and many design techniques to create unique jewelry of their own.

There are some pictures from a few camps below.

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