On 4/13/2023, Prairie STEM Joined Spring Lake Elementary School’s STEAM Night

Spring Lake STEAM Night on April 13th, 2023, was an evening filled with interactive and hands-on STEAM activities for students and families. The event was a huge success, with everyone having a blast and learning new things about science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.

One of the highlights of the night was Bingo the robot dog. Bingo is a robot dog that can perform tricks and respond to voice commands. Students were amazed at how advanced Bingo was and were thrilled to try out their own voice commands and watch Bingo follow them.

Another popular activity was color coding for Ozobots. Students were able to maneuver the robots around a course, learning about coding and robotics in a fun and engaging way.

But the excitement didn’t stop there! Students were able to make their own music by playing songs on cardboard pianos attached to laptops through Makey Makey circuit boards. This activity encouraged creativity and innovation, allowing students to explore the intersection of music and technology.

One unique activity that stood out was Operation Ollie games. It’s a spin on the classic Operation game, where students answer a question and get a chance to collect 3D printed STEAM icons. It was a fun way to test their knowledge while also promoting STEAM learning.

Another exciting activity that was a huge hit during Spring Lake STEAM Night was The Great Puma Arcade. The room was filled with cardboard arcades created by fifth-grade students, and everyone had a blast playing them.

The fifth-graders had worked hard on designing and creating their arcades, which ranged from classic pinball machines to elaborate games with multiple levels. They used their knowledge of engineering and design to create functional, playable arcades that were a hit with everyone who tried them out.

The Great Puma Arcade was a great example of how STEAM learning can be both fun and educational. By designing and building their own arcade games, the fifth-grade students were able to learn about engineering and design while also exercising their creativity and problem-solving skills.

Overall, Spring Lake STEAM Night was a huge success, with students and families enjoying the variety of activities offered. It was a great way to promote hands-on, interactive learning and inspire students to pursue their interests in STEAM.

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