STEAM Night at Spring Lake Magnet

Virtual Reality on the Oculus
Prairie STEM brought virtual reality to Spring Lake with Oculus and Neurotrainer. Neurotrainer combines neuroscience and virtual reality to measure cognitive abilities, stimulate neural pathways to prime for learning, and optimize for long-term performance improvements. With Neurotrainer, you can also take virtual field trips. Learn while you are having fun!

Rocket Sightings at Spring Lake

Spring Lake students built their own straw rockets and tested them on the straw rocket launcher. Like early rocket pioneer, Robert Goddard, these students were able to conduct scientific experiments by varying the trajectory angle and launch energy.

Drones Take to the Skies


Spring Lake students take flight in the gym with drones. Prairie STEM provided drones and drone instruction to students. Using Tello drones, the students practiced flight skills with a certified drone instructor. Experts predict that drones will deliver 50% of all home deliveries within 6 years.

Be Careful Where You Step! Scorpions


Kamigami is a build-it-yourself robotic kit designed after nature’s fastest critters. Using the Kamigami controller app, students of all ages enjoyed driving their scorpions, battling with friends, creating dances, and coding movements, sounds, and colors.

For Your Musical Entertainment:
Makey Makey and Play Doh

Makey Makey boards allow for amazing computer control using the interface board, Playdoh, wires, etec. Students were able to make musical keyboards from Playdoh and compose songs using Garageband.

Fun With STEMBots!

STEMBots are a fun way to learn computer science, driving, programming, physics, geometry, and more! These are the robots that have been used at Spring Lake for the past six years. Students drove STEMBots in fun driving courses. The middle picture shows students programming a STEMBot.

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