The Science of Sound

Prairie STEM provided The Science of Sound instruction to middle school students at Cornerstone Christian School on December 17th, 2021. The Doppler Effect was demonstrated using drones and a blindfolded student to perceive sounds as the source moved closer and further away. We used a vacuum chamber to demonstrate how sound waves do not travel without a medium to move through. We demonstrated resonance of sound waves using tuning forks. Sound wave amplitude was shown using a sound wave simulator made out of duct tape, sticks, and Playdoh.  The big finish was the Ruben’s Tube, showing sound waves and compression. The Ruben’s Tube shows acoustic sound waves demonstrating the effect of standing sound waves in action. Sound pressure waves are transmitted through a speaker at one end of the tube resulting in fluctuating flame waves.

The row of pictures below show how sound waves travel and return.

The pictures below, were taken during the Ruben's Tube demonstration.

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