Prairie STEM Provides Science and Robotics Instruction to Fort Calhoun Elementary School

During the fall semester of 2021-2022, Prairie STEM came in and taught 10-weeks of Science on Wednesdays and 10-weeks of Robotics on Thursdays. In some of the Science lessons for the primary students, they learned what materials protect from UV rays, animal habitats, landforms, and what reacts with baking soda. Intermediate students learned what materials insulate, electrical energy, oil spills, and wind energy in the form of wind turbines. All the students honed their engineering skills with some fun engineering projects as well.

Below are pictures of the Robotics lessons. All students began with rockets. They designed their own straw rockets, choosing number and placement of fins, weights, and nose cones. Using bicycle pumps to provide the pressure, they  launched their rockets. They made changes to their designs and relaunched them. Next the students all came together in the gym for some robot driving challenges. Jousting, soccer, and golf were some of the activities. After that the primary students moved to Ozobots, Kamigamis, engineering robotic hands, and their own biomimicry robot (robots inspired by nature). The intermediate students moved into different programming techniques. and had a concert when their robots performed Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

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