Prairie STEM at Hutchfest 2021

On Sunday, September 5th, 2021 Prairie STEM participated in Hutchfest at the Millwork Commons area downtown.  Hutchfest is a one-day maker fair that celebrates our profoundly unique, talented, and creative maker/entrepreneur community in Omaha and surrounding areas.  We demonstrated NeuroTrainer on the Oculus. Guests were able to put on the goggles and go through the demo to see how it works.  The NeuroTrainer is a solution to improve your eye-hand coordination with basic activities that combine neuroscience and virtual reality to measure cognitive abilities, stimulate neural pathways to prime for learning, and optimize for a long-term performance on your brain.

We brought our Prairie STEM WiFi trailer which acts as a remote wifi service to areas that have a high need for greater connectivity in their community.  We were able to give away 100 STEM Lessons, swag, and information about our upcoming camps and classes.  We love being able to be in our community teaching others about STEM!

Special thanks to our volunteers, Jack, Claire, Amelia, Wisdom! You make everything possible!

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