Aviation STEM Day at Millard Airport 2021

Prairie STEM participated in the 3rd Annual Aviation STEM Day at the Millard Airport on Saturday, September 4th at Millard Airport. This day presents the opportunity to bring youth and young adults together in a venue of offered opportunities including all aspects of aviation.  The goal is to motivate young adults to select, seek and dream a possible career path through education.  

The event included a drone competition, Omahawks radio-controlled aircraft simulators, paper airplane folding and flying, and 30+ clubs and organizations affiliated with aviation.  Prairie STEM was able to discuss the Bernoulli Principle, which helps explain how an aircraft can achieve lift due to the shape of its wings.  We brought our Prairie STEM WiFi trailer which acts as a remote wifi service to areas that have a high need for greater connectivity in their community.  We were able to give away swag and information about our upcoming camps and classes.  It was a fantastic opportunity to bridge our work with drones and the other local experts in aviation!  Thank you STEM Aviation, we already look forward to attending next year’s Aviation STEM Day.  Thank you to our wonderful volunteers Francis, Silas, Jade, and Kahlan!

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