Spring Lake Math Magnet School Robotics Lab 2019-2020

Prairie STEM staff spent 3 days a week in the Robotics Lab at Spring Lake teaching math skills alongside robotics skills to classrooms of students. Prairie STEM teachers reinforced math lessons that teachers were working on. By using robots during the lessons, students were reintroduced math concepts in a different way, which made learning more fun. Older students learned robot programming along with math concepts with the RADs lesson, for a very intense few weeks.

With our Time Lesson, the students use clock manipulates to better learn how to tell time. In this picture, we are teaching them not only that the time is 3:35, but also that the hour hand has begun its move from the 3 to the 4 because the minute hand is getting closer to the 12.
The robot inside the clock “picks” which student gets to choose the next time, then everyone moves the hands of their clock to match that time. Students all show the teachers their clocks for confirmation, have independent learning at that time if need be, then full discussion is given after. For this part, one student says where the hour hand should be placed and another student tells where the minute hand should go, each explaining to the class why they feel that way. Then the class gives thumbs up or thumbs down to indicate if we need to spend more time reviewing that one.
This is one of our programming lessons, using lots of math.
This shows our RADS (Robot Autonomous Delivery System) Lesson. They are measuring the distance between chosen city buildings for their truck to make deliveries to.
In this picture kindergartners are learning about push and pull using wood blocks taped to robots.
Our Tollbooth math lesson rewards the students with driving the robot after they have completed their math story problem with money.

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