Prairie STEM Delivers Virtual STEAM Kits Omaha Area Schools for Their STEAM Nights

Saint Cecilia Catholic School received the last part of their Pre-K – 6th grade order of Virtual STEAM Kits from Prairie STEM on October 12th, 2020. Howard Kennedy in Omaha Public Schools received their kits in September. Each of their students’ kits contain materials for 16 different Science and/or Math lessons, all aligned to state and national standards. Oakdale and Rockbrook in Westside 66 Community Schools have also received kits for one lesson per student for their October STEAM Night. Cox Communication’s Connect Space at 75 North’s Highlander Accelerator building has been the home of the kits in the past few weeks where we have finished getting them ready to deliver. Thank you to CoxConnect and 75 North for allowing us to assemble, package and distribute these hands-on STEM kits.

Check out our Virtual STEAM Lessons at:

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