SAC Museum’s Family Fun Carnival 2021

Prairie STEM and JuSTEMagine were at the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum today giving hovercraft rides (winning engineering design built by 6th and 7th-grade students) and conquering new worlds with Kamigami insect robots.

JuSTEMagine is an amazing organization of students at Brownell Talbot High School who have an incredible passion for STEM and educating students. The four students volunteering at the SAC Museum’s Family Fun Carnival (Jack, Claire, Akshay, and Riley) ran from the SAC Museum to Prairie STEM’s Open House. Thank you JuSTEMagine! Thank you also to another fantastic volunteer, Patrick, a junior engineering student, who jumped right in and helped make the day a success.  He worked flawlessly with the JuSTEMagine students as they discussed upgrades to the hoverboard, stay tuned as they take a great design and make improvements as any good engineer would do! 

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