Roblox Makers Camp

Summer Roblox Camp

We had a very busy and exciting camp this week!

Our campers began on Monday by jumping into the Roblox Creation Studio by learning how to insert objects and edit them. We also learned how to interact with our creations.

On Tuesday, we learned how to add terrain elements into our worlds and how to edit it.  

On Wednesday, we created our first game! We created an Obby, or obstacle course.  We then got to try out each other’s Obbys. When we finished our Obbys, we published our first designs to Roblox! We are officially Roblox creators!

On Thursday, we built our own furniture. We started by building a table from scratch. We then added chairs and added other decorations to them. We once again became Roblox creators when we published our designs to Roblox!

On our final day of camp, we stepped up our creator hats and created another game! We created our very own racing games! We had very different races once we had finished, but man, did we have fun! 

We had a great camp and became official Roblox creators!

Race Track

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