Prairie STEM’s Roblox Camp is its Second Week

roblox house

We are excited to offer our Roblox camp again for a second week!  This week we have 5 students attending our Roblox Camp. Check out what our Roblox camp has been up to…

This camp works with students on learning to create their own worlds, games, and objects within Roblox Studio.

On Monday, our campers spent some time getting familiar with the tools within the Roblox Studio program.


Tuesday was spent learning how to generate and edit world terrain. 

Today the campers began working on their very own Obbys! (Those are obstacle courses for those who are not Roblox players.)

Tomorrow the campers will be continuing to work on their Obby and will finish the day by publishing it to the Roblox community! 

Friday will have our campers putting their skills to the test when they will be creating their very own Roblox objects to upload to the community.

We can’t wait to see what amazing creations our campers will create this week! 

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