Papillion / LaVista Middle School High Ability Learners Visit Clarkson College to Learn About Healthcare Careers

On March 10th, 2020, the Prairie STEM staff took 40+ High Ability Learners of the Papillion/LaVista middle schools to visit Clarkson College to learn about health care careers. The Clarkson staff taught us how to take x-rays, EKGs, dissect a lamb’s heart, and give injections. Our students were able to diagnose symptoms from a robotic patient with a long list of ailments, learned about what Physical Therapists and health care administration do.  We also learned about how diseases are transmitted. Everyone left with a much better understanding of the jobs of medical professionals.

Students learning some Physical Therapy techniques for improving balance.
We are learning about involuntary stimulation for injured muscles.
Clarkson staff are teaching students how to give injections into sponges.
Students practicing giving injections.
We are learning how to diagnose patients using one of Clarkson College’s robots.
Students are asking the patient questions to determine a diagnosis.
Radiology was another area we learned about.
Wearing proper protection is important in Radiology.
The students watching a slideshow of x-rays and tried to guess what was going on in the x-ray.
These students are looking at a lamb’s heart.

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