Omaha Street School Attends Virtual Hands-On Summer STEM Classes 7/20 – 7/22/2020

Omaha Street School students learned different STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) career options on Monday. They performed several engineering activities, first one was to design 3 paper airplanes with the goal being to fly the furthest distance, another was to add a toothpick to their airplanes to pop a balloon, and the third was the Pringles Ring Challenge. The students also built their Pac Man course using PVC pipe. Our guest speaker on Monday was Jennifer Miller, USAF retired. Jen flew military drones and is now Project Manager for Prairie STEM. On Tuesday they learned about robotics, that engineers design robots to save people from doing dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs. Students then spent time driving their STEMbots on a Pac Man course then constructing devices on the STEMbots to catch ping pong balls with. At the end of our session, Logan McIntyre, an engineer at STEMbot Inc. was the guest speaker. Logan told us about what he does at STEMbot Inc. and what his job entails. Wednesday was computer programming day. The students learned to program their STEMbot robots using the CEENBot program. They programmed STEMbots to run the Pac Man course autonomously. At the end of the day, our speaker was Kim Beck, Greta High School Computer Science Teacher and Esports Director at Prairie STEM.

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