Launch Drones and Rockets Summer Camp​

3.2.1. Launch Drones and Rockets Summer Camp

boy flying drone

Our Rocket and Drone camp was a blast! Our campers built and tested straw rockets on day one, and by day two they engineered a pvc rocket that shot over 250 feet in the air! We took a closer look at rockets with a rocket simulation called Kerbal Space Program. This program is an invaluable tool for reaching the basics of rocket science and orbital mechanics. In this simulation, campers built and launched their own rocket into orbit. There were cheers, laughs, and some cool explosions as our rockets lifted off! Next, campers looked into the future of drones and got to pilot some of our Parrot Mini Drones with IPads. Campers learned by trial and error how to pilot a drone (without crashing!) Once they mastered that, two of our amazing volunteers Alton and Nolan built a drone racing course that campers got to practice on. One camper finished the racing course in an astounding 58 seconds after initially taking 2 minutes! Thank you to all of our volunteers and campers for a wonderful week of STEM!

boy flying drone
drone 1

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