Girls Building with Pringles Girls in STEAM Girls Building with Pringles Roller Coaster Building “Asher just loved the class today!
Thanks so much!”

- Camp Parent Comment
Kids bulding a roller coaster
Esports Tournament Esports Esports Tournament Slide Rocket League "He found Esports and it has really helped his
mental health! He found a sport for him."

-Teacher of an Esports student
Building Hover Craft STEAM Nights Building Hover Craft Girl Driving Robot “My daughter LOVED the class!”

- Program Parent Comment
Girl Driving Robot
HAL Medical Class HAL Programs
Classroom Sessions
HAL Medical Class
School of Sorcery Image “Our kids loved the
potions class today!”

- Camp Parent Comment
School of Sorcery
Guest Speaker Guest Speakers Guest Speaker

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Video about Prairie STEM

Regional economics will only THRIVE

when we are actively developing the workforce.



Prairie STEM advances K-12 human capital development through our version of
STEAM in education, professional development and industry partners.

Soft Skills

Alex Lund wrote “Soft skills are vital to the success and employability of students after they graduate. In fact, the top four skills employers are looking for are oral and written communication, listening, problem solving and integrity.

Traditional Academics

While our schools continue to provide a quality education to most students, the world in which students will live and work is changing and advancing at an even faster rate than improvements in our schools. The world’s children are improving by the day. Business Insider “Currently the US ranks 35th in Math, 24th in Reading, and 25th in Science”.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Liz Rowan “A recent Accenture study revealed one in three employers say they are looking for entrepreneurial experience, underscoring the need for youth who are equipped to recognize opportunity, take initiative, and innovate in the face of challenges.”


Simon Stapleton “Being articulate could possibly be the most important business skill you can develop. In my twenty year career, I have observed the resulting contrast between the careers of those ‘who can’, and those ‘who can’t’


Rachael Kessler “Young people who have the opportunity to discover what has meaning for them and who feel they are going somewhere in life can be more easily engaged in learning and persisting through obstacles and setbacks.”


Prairie STEM’s model combines the rigor and innovation of instructional leadership programs with authentic community partnerships and family engagement to transform regional economies through the talent development of all urban and rural students. This effort will cause for old paradigms to die. Transformational system-wide reforms will be needed which are driven by the needs of the future economy.

Education through Innovation

Create. Connect. Contribute.

A do-it-yourself ethos is creating an entrepreneurial approach for youth saturated in the gig economy of learning and living. This maker mindset becomes a do-it-ourselves ethos as digital and physical spaces bring us together in new ways. Prairie STEM bolsters this gig economy generation with expert level teachers, feedback, access, and resources.

From social platforms to global work teams to online gig networks, digital highways have boosted our ability to collaborate. The result is rapid growth of knowledge resources and responses to solving problems. These platforms will rapidly increase the marketplace access to develop and attract their future workforce.  The flip side is a more informed and dynamic chooser of life journey by each child.


What our team has done to reach our communities.



Prairie STEM starts my multiplying the desired high engagement TANGIBLE solutions by the needed INTANGIBLE traits, characteristics and soft skills. We take the product of these and exponentially force multiply by high FREQUENCY opportunities for engagement and connections. Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, we subtract out NEGATIVE ANCHORS holding back the individual from an intrinsic evolution into the student and person that fully understands their greatest asset is themselves.


Artificial Intelligence and automation is replacing layers of human labor. Machines are rewriting the rules for how we work, learn, and even manage our households. What they can never rewrite is the master of STEAM as Prairie STEM has defined it. A regional economy’s youth that master the later will control the former.