Girls Building with Pringles Girls in STEAM Girls Building with Pringles Roller Coaster Building Kids bulding a roller coaster “Asher just loved the class today!
Thanks so much!”

- Camp Parent Comment
Esports Tournament Esports Esports Tournament Slide Rocket League "He found Esports and it has really helped his mental health! He found a sport for him."

-Teacher of an Esports student
Building Hover Craft STEAM Nights Building Hover Craft Girl Driving Robot Girl Driving Robot “My daughter LOVED the class!”

- Program Parent Comment
HAL Medical Class HAL Programs
Classroom Sessions
HAL Medical Class
School of Sorcery Image School of Sorcery “Our kids loved the
potions class today!”

- Camp Parent Comment
Guest Speaker Guest Speakers Guest Speaker Slide

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Prairie STEM’s Virtual Activity Kits

are hands-on, educational lessons for school-age students.

Learn more on our STEM Kits page.

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