Prairie STEM’s World Drumming Camp Began Today

World Drumming is an inter-generational program where people can make music immediately and enjoy doing it. This program generates team-building, self-esteem, leadership, cooperation, cultural diversity, respect, while using drums to make music. When people work together as a team they become stronger and create something really amazing! 

Mark Irwin is a Lincoln middle school instrumental music teacher, who has been teaching World Drumming techniques and classes for many years. He is also a singer, songwriter, recording artist, and freelance musician. Mark is an incredible teacher and we are so fortunate to have him working with Prairie STEM.

The majority of these students are Girls Inc in Omaha, who have supported quite a few of our camps this summer. Thank you to Girls Inc. for your support! 

One of our leaders for the World Drumming Camp is a Brownell Talbot student, Akshay Mehta. He is very involved in their JuSTEMagine group, which is an amazingly talented group of high school students who Prairie STEM has the pleasure of working closely with. Akshay jumped right in and picked up on the skills quickly. Thank you, Akshay!

Our students learned today about the higher and lower tones they can make using different parts of their hands. It was all hands-on fun listening to others’ rhythms, repeating back what they heard, and then making up their own rhythms to lead the group with.

This camp was four days long, and on their last day they performed a concert for other businesses at The Mastercraft. After their part of the concert, the students became the teachers and taught the spectators some of the skills they have learned. It was an amazing experience for all!

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