Exploring the Wonders of STEM: A Night at Christ the King Catholic School

Christ the King Catholic School recently hosted an exciting and engaging STEM Night, courtesy of Prairie STEM. The event brought together students and their families for an evening filled with hands-on activities designed to ignite curiosity and passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Prairie STEM, a leading organization in STEM education, curated a diverse range of activities to make learning both fun and educational.

Activities Overview:

Bingo the Robot Dog:

The star of the show was Bingo, the robot dog. With its interactive features and charming personality, Bingo captivated the students during a lunchtime visit. This not only provided entertainment but also offered an opportunity for the kids to witness the real-world application of robotics.

Kamigami Robots:

Students had the chance to explore the world of robotics hands-on with Kamigami robots. These customizable robots allowed the participants to delve into the basics of programming and robotics, fostering an early interest in technology.

Straw Rockets:

Creativity soared as students designed and launched their own straw rockets using the Pitsco launcher. This activity not only demonstrated the principles of physics but also encouraged teamwork and problem-solving.

Drone Flying:

With expert guidance, participants took to the skies with drone flying sessions. Learning the basics of drone operation provided valuable insights into the applications of aerial technology, linking STEM concepts with real-world scenarios.

Virtual Reality with Meta Quest 2 Headsets:

The use of Meta Quest 2 headsets transported students into immersive experiences. Apps like Ocean Rift allowed them to embark on undersea adventures, swimming with sea animals. Open Brush, a 3D painting app, let students create artwork they could walk into and view from all angles, blending technology and art seamlessly.

Augmented Reality on iPads:

Augmented Reality (AR) on iPads enabled students to bring computer-generated images into their environment, bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds. This hands-on experience showcased the potential of AR in enhancing learning experiences.

The STEM Night at Christ the King Catholic School, facilitated by Prairie STEM, was an overwhelming success. The diverse array of activities not only entertained but also educated, fostering a love for STEM subjects among the students. The turnout and enthusiasm demonstrated the importance of such events in inspiring the next generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators. A special thanks to Prairie STEM for bringing their expertise and exciting activities to our school community. We look forward to more collaborative ventures that make learning a thrilling adventure.

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