Exploring STEM Wonders: A Recap of Kellom Elementary School’s STEM Night with Prairie STEM

On the 9th of November, 2023, Prairie STEM had the privilege of joining Kellom Elementary School for a night filled with excitement and exploration, showcasing the marvels of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Among the diverse range of activities, students had the opportunity to engage with cutting-edge technologies, sparking their curiosity and fostering a love for learning. Before we dive into the educational concepts behind each activity, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to Mrs. Northcutt and the dedicated staff at Kellom Elementary School for giving us the opportunity to spend an evening filled with inspiration and discovery with their students.

Bingo the Robot Dog:

Learning Concept: Robotics and Technology Integration
Activity: Bingo, Prairie STEM’s robot dog, made a special appearance during lunchtime, captivating students and introducing them to the world of robotics. This hands-on experience allowed students to witness the application of technology in a fun and interactive way, stimulating interest in robotics and programming.

Nathan’s Amazing Science Show – Thor’s Hammer:

Learning Concept: Magnetism and Physics
Activity: Nathan’s Amazing Science Show featured the legendary Thor’s Hammer, demonstrating the principles of magnetism and the fascinating world of physics. Students were not only entertained but also learned about magnetic forces, showcasing how science can be both educational and entertaining.

Drone Flying:

Learning Concept: Aerodynamics and Flight
Activity: Students had the chance to explore the principles of aerodynamics and flight through drone flying. This activity not only provided an exhilarating experience but also introduced basic concepts of physics and engineering, allowing students to grasp the mechanics of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Biomimicry with Kamigami Bugbots:

Learning Concept: Biomimicry
Activity: Kamigami Bugbots showcased the concept of biomimicry, where technology imitates nature. Students could observe and interact with these bug-like robots, gaining insights into how engineers draw inspiration from the natural world to design innovative technologies.

Virtual Reality with Oculus’ Ocean Rift App:

Learning Concept: Virtual Reality and Marine Biology
Activity: Through Oculus’ Ocean Rift app, students embarked on a virtual underwater journey, swimming with sea animals. This immersive experience not only introduced the world of virtual reality but also provided an educational adventure, teaching students about marine life and ecosystems.
NeuroTrainer Oculus App:

Learning Concept: Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Training
Activity: The NeuroTrainer Oculus app offered students a glimpse into the realm of professional sports training. By engaging with activities focused on decision-making, hand-eye coordination, and reaction time, students discovered the concept of neuroplasticity, emphasizing the brain’s ability to adapt and improve through training.


Learning Concept: Problem Solving and Logical Thinking
Activity: Students transformed into detectives as they tackled coded messages in the Cryptography activity. This hands-on experience encouraged problem-solving and logical thinking, demonstrating how STEM skills are essential in solving real-world challenges.

Digital Microscope Exploration:

Learning Concept: Microscopy and Observation Skills
Activity: Viewing rocks, leaves, fossils, and seeds through a digital microscope allowed students to explore the microscopic world. This activity enhanced their observation skills and introduced the concept of microscopy, bridging the gap between the visible and invisible aspects of the natural world.

Augmented Reality Exploration:

Learning Concept: Augmented Reality Technology
Activity: Using an iPad app to bring creatures into their environment, students dived into the world of Augmented Reality. This activity not only showcased the potential of AR but also sparked creativity and imagination as students interacted with virtual elements in their surroundings.

Kellom Elementary School’s STEM Night, powered by Prairie STEM and Nathan’s Amazing Science Show, provided an immersive and educational experience that ignited the passion for STEM in young minds. From robotics to magnetic discoveries, each activity offered a unique opportunity for students to explore and understand fundamental STEM concepts, laying the foundation for a future of curiosity, innovation, and discovery. Special thanks to Mrs. Northcutt and the staff at Kellom Elementary School for their warm welcome and the chance to share this enriching experience with their students. Are you worthy? The answer is a resounding “yes” as students and educators alike delved into the wonders of STEM.

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