Esports Rocket League Middle School Competition

On July 9, 2020, Prairie Stem held their first Esports summer competition for middle school. Six students were divided into two teams to play Rocket League for first and second place cash prizes. They all did an awesome job! Blue Team won first place and Orange Team won second. See the pictures below, that were captured during the event.

The students competed in groups of three. One team was comprised of all students from Hebron and the other team had members from Gretna, Papillion-La Vista, and Millard. The students competed on XBox, PC, Switch, and Playstation.

These are the players of the 1st Place Team, Team Blue.
Blue Team, DeadMan Jones Scored this goal. Way to go!
Orange Team Dominatordog13 scored this goal! Here comes the fire dragon.
Orange Team Dominatordog13 is scoring the goal!
Here is a good picture of the fire dragon when a goal is made. Congratulations to Dominatordog13!
Blue Team Easton_1239 took this goal. Go Easton_1239!
Easton_1239 kicking ball into goal.
This picture shows each team’s players.
More fire dragon appearance when Dominatordog13 scored!
Orange Team J_Chaz87 scored this goal. Great job!
This is showing J_Chaz87’s goal.
Blue Team Jedi Jesus scored this goal! Way to go Jedi Jesus!
Orange Team’s Keithstpwn moving in fast.
Orange Team’s Keithstpwn scored the last goal in the 4th game, taking us in to Overtime! Great job Keithstpwn!

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