Escape the Winter Blues STEAM Kit Order Deadline Extended – Reserve Yours Now

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Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM). With seven lessons aligned to educational standards, these kits promise an enriching experience for students from kindergarten through 6th grade.

Tailor Your Experience: Full 7 Lessons or 3 for Half the Cost!

Recognizing the diverse needs of our parents and educators, Prairie STEM is excited to offer you the flexibility to tailor your Beat the Winter Blues 2.0 experience. You can now choose between two fantastic options:

Full 7-Lesson Adventure: Dive into the complete Beat the Winter Blues 2.0 experience! Enjoy all seven lessons that span a range of captivating STEAM activities. This option is your ticket to a comprehensive winter break adventure for your child.

3-Lesson Express: Short on time but still want the magic of Beat the Winter Blues 2.0? Opt for our 3-Lesson Express!

Countdown to a Beat the Winter Wonderland of Learning

Here’s a quick overview of the captivating lessons awaiting your child:

Feeding Feathered Friends: Connect with nature by creating bird feeders and understanding the importance of caring for wildlife.

Coding Candy Canes: Blend technology and holiday cheer as kids program digital candy cane patterns in this sweet coding adventure.

Circuitry and Lights: Illuminate the season with a lesson on circuitry, creating winter decorations that light up the room.

The Science of “Snow”: Explore the mysteries of snow indoors through engaging experiments.

Engineering with Edibles: Merge engineering with creativity by constructing structures using delicious building materials—candy!

Winter Wonderland Art: Foster artistic expression with winter-themed art projects that let imaginations soar.

Snowflake Engineering: Delve into the beauty of engineering with snowflake-inspired designs, encouraging a love for symmetry and design.

Act Now Before It’s Too Late!

With the October 31 deadline approaching, seize the opportunity to customize your Beat the Winter Blues 2.0 experience. Visit and select the option that best suits your child’s winter break adventure.

Make Winter Break Unforgettable!

Beat the Winter Blues 2.0 is your ticket to ensure this winter break is not only a time of relaxation but also a period of growth and exploration for your child. Act fast, order now, and let Prairie STEM’s Winter Blues 2.0 STEAM kits light up your child’s winter with the warmth of learning and fun!

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