Empowering Underserved Students Through Winter Learning with STEM Kits

Empower Winter Learning for Underserved Students with Our STEM Kits! Join us in bridging the knowledge gap during the holiday season. Our STEM Kits provide seven days of captivating winter-themed activities that are designed to keep young minds engaged.

What’s included in our kits:

  1. Seven STEM and SEL lessons
  2. Hands-on learning materials
  3. Alignment with state and national educational standards

These lessons go beyond mere activities; they present a valuable opportunity for underserved students to continue their learning journey during the holiday break. Your sponsorship has the power to make this winter break both educational and exciting for these students. Support our cause today by ordering STEM Kits for underserved students and be a part of their educational journey.


Winter Blues STEM Kit Flyer

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