A Thrilling Day at Kiewit Luminarium: Collecting Data with PocketLab Sensor and Celebrating STEM with Skateboarders

At Prairie STEM, we are always eager to embark on educational journeys that combine hands-on exploration with cutting-edge technology. Recently, we had the pleasure of spending an exhilarating afternoon at the Kiewit Luminarium alongside our esteemed partners, Rabble Mill and The Bay. Together, we delved into the dynamic world of skateboarding, armed with the PocketLab Voyager, an all-in-one science lab that opened new avenues for data collection and STEM discovery.

A Fusion of Passion and Technology

Collaboration is at the heart of our educational mission, and this event epitomized the extraordinary outcomes that can result from organizations coming together. Prairie STEM, Rabble Mill, and The Bay united with a shared goal: to ignite curiosity and passion for STEM by seamlessly blending science and skateboarding.

Data Collection Unleashed

The centerpiece of our adventure was the PocketLab Voyager, a compact and powerful science lab that fits in the palm of your hand. With this cutting-edge device, we ventured into the realm of data collection, capturing the acceleration and velocity data of skateboarders as they pushed the boundaries of their sport. It was a hands-on lesson in action, unveiling the physics behind the exhilarating movements of these athletes.

Empowering Tomorrow’s Scientists and Skateboarders

Our primary aim for this event was to inspire the next generation of scientists and skateboarders. By introducing young minds to the thrill of data-driven exploration and the fascinating world of STEM, we hoped to convey that science is not just confined to laboratories—it’s an integral part of our everyday experiences.

The Joy of STEM Learning

As educators and STEM enthusiasts, we firmly believe that learning should be an enjoyable and immersive experience. The Kiewit Luminarium event allowed us to celebrate the joy of STEM education by combining the thrill of skateboarding with hands-on experimentation. It demonstrated that STEM can be engaging, interactive, and above all, fun.

A Glimpse into the Future

As we conclude this remarkable day at the Kiewit Luminarium, we are filled with excitement about what the future holds. Our commitment to inspiring young minds through STEM education remains unwavering, and the PocketLab Voyager has opened new horizons for exploration and discovery.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners, Rabble Mill and The Bay, for their unwavering dedication to making this event a reality. Together, we are shaping a future where STEM knows no boundaries, and the thrill of scientific inquiry is accessible to all. Stay tuned for more thrilling STEM adventures with Prairie STEM!

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