Cloud in a Jar Challenge

Observe how clouds are made and learn about the water cycle.

Binary Coding Challenge

Learn to code binary using LEGOs.

Balloon Car Challenge

Design a balloon powered car that will travel as far and as fast as possible.

Pendulum Painting Challenge

Make observations of an object’s motion to provide evidence that a pattern can be used to predict future motion.

Magnetic Discovery Bottle

Apply scientific ideas about magnets.

Magnet Challenge

Test different metals to see how well they work with magnets.

Hazardous Weather Challenge

Design a structure that will hold up against high speed winds.

Climate Challenge

Develop a model to represent an area with a specific climate.

Boat Float Challenge

Create different shaped bubble wands to see what happens when used in bubble solution.

Fossil Cast Challenge

Create a replica of a fossil.

Biome Challenge

Design a biome to keep an animal around your home safe.