Pendulum Wrecking Ball Challenge

Knock down a wall safely.





Marble Run Innovation

Design and create a marble run that successfully gets the marble through the maze in under 60 seconds.

Thermal Insulator Challenge

Create a device to see what happens with the thermal properties



Solar Still Challenge

Create a device that will simulate the water cycle and create clean water



Kinetic Sugar Challenge

Observe what happens when sugar is mixed with different water temperatures.

Popcorn Challenge

Use popcorn to show how kinetic energy is transferred.



Cell Theory Challenge

Observe the rapid growth of bacteria cells.


Cell Building Challenge

Build a 3D model of a cell.



Water Cycle in a Bottle Experiment

Understand and model how tectonic plates interact.

Environmental Change Experiment

Explain how environmental factors influence plant growth.

Air Mass Collision Challenge

Cause two air masses to collide and find out what happens.

Talking with Technology Challenge

Create a conversation using print statements and the scanner in Java