Bottle Rocket Design Innovation

Objective: I can use the Engineering Design process to create and launch a bottle rocket.

Chemical Reactions

Objective: Decide if you are making a chemical reaction.

Chocolate chip cookie

Cookie Lab Experiment

Objective:  I can study and measure a given sample and record the data and observations.

Create Your Own Geologic Eon Model

Objective:  Understand and model the age of the Earth through the eons. 

Picture of a Glider

Design a Glider Innovation

Objective: I can use the Engineering Design Process to create a glider.

Food Chain Marble Maze

Objective: Design a marble maze food chain.


Google Earth South American Adventure

Objective: Using Google Earth to learn of the people cultures and history of South America

Gummy Bear Experiment

Objective: I can make a Gummy Bear grow and/or shrink.

Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 3.00.20 PM

Likely, Not Likely, or Impossible?

Objective: Create an outcome chart to determine the likelihood of an event.

Scale Model of the Universe

Objective: Create a model of the solar system using scale factors