Life Cycles Challenge

I can make observations about insects that live in my environment.

Oobleck Challenge

Explore the world of solids and liquids.

What Reacts with Baking Soda Challenge

Experiment with mixtures in this fun filled science experiment.

Straw Bridge Challenge

Use your engineering skills to build a straw bridge to see how much weight it can hold.

Ivory Soap Challenge

Learn what happens when air molecules are heated up and that some changes caused by heating can be reversed and some cannot .

Landforms Challenge

Develop a model to represent the shapes and kinds of land and bodies of water in an area

Seeds to Plant Challenge

Plan and conduct an investigation to determine if plants need sunlight to grow.

Erosion Challenge

Learn how water shapes Earth’s landforms.

Film Canister Launcher Challenge

Find out what happens when you mix different solids and liquids together.

Lava Lamp Challenge

Observe the way two different liquids interact with each other.