Driving Art Challenge

I can create art with objects.

What Do You See?

I can make observations.

Treasure Hunt Challenge

I can find treasure following an algorithm.

Cutting Challenge

I can cut while holding my scissors correctly.

Shape Challenge

I can make and identify shapes.

Sink or Float Challenge

I can find objects that sink or float.

Dancing Rice Challenge

I can make rice dance.

Magnetic Challenge

I can find objects attracted by a magnet.

Sound Comparison Challenge

I can compare sounds of objects.

Windy Challenge

I can see how wind makes thing move.

Walking Water Challenge

Make water “walk” from one cup to another.

Shrinking Water Bead Challenge

Make water beads shrink.

Geometric Bubble Challenge

Create different shaped bubble wands to see what happens when used in bubble solution.

Skittles Challenge

Learn what happens when you soak skittles in warm water.