Cereal Natural Selection

Objective: Students can see how natural selection changes the distribution of traits in a population.

Characteristics of Life

Objective: Students can identify and explain the characteristics of life.

Punnett Squares

Objective: I will learn how to work with different types of Punnett Squares and understand inheritance patterns.

Wrecking Ball

Objective: Students will be able to determine what factors affect a pendulum swing.

In Progress

Ecosystem Game

Objective: Students will create a model showing how different environmental factors influence an ecosystem.

Properties of Water

Objective: Students will understand the different properties of water and the molecular structures that create them.

Water Cycle

Objective: Students will make a water cycle model in a bottle.



In Progress

How Fast Is It Going?


Objective: Students will be able to calculate the acceleration of an object using velocity, position, and time.

Blood Model

Objective: Students will know the different components of blood and the technology scientists use to separate blood.


Objective: Students will create a spectroscope to understand the electromagnetic spectrum and light absorption.

VSEPR Models

Objective: I will make models of common molecular shapes.

Create an Organism

Objective: Students will design their own life on Mars.



In Progress

Transfer of Energy

Objective: Students will understand how energy is transferred between objects.

In Progress

Oreo Tectonics Experiment

Objective: Understand and model how tectonic plates interact

Scale Model of Solar System

Objective: Students will create a model of the solar system using scale factors.

Floating Ping Pong

Objective: Students will will make a ping pong ball float.

Conservation of Momentum Marbles

Objective: Students will understand that momentum is conserved..