Particle Challenge

Show that matter is made up of tiny particles that we can’t see.

What is it? Challenge

Identify mystery materials with their properties.

Sugar Challenge

Explore particles that are too small to be seen.

Lima Bean Challenge

Use two plants to model growth over a period of time.

Current Challenge

Create your own ocean current.

Gravity Drop Challenge

Prove that Earth’s gravitational force pulls objects down.

Toothpaste Challenge

Create your own toothpaste using simple household ingredients.

Quick Escape Challenge

Design a quick way for people to safely exit a tall tower.

Brightness Challenge

Support the argument that the sun appears brighter due to distance.

Cookie Lab Challenge​

Study, measure and record data on a given sample based on certain characteristics.

Design a Glider Challenge

Use the Engineering and Design Process to create your own glider.

Metal, Metalloid, Non-Metal Challenge

Analyze and communicate different elements classifying the properties of metals, metalloids, and nonmetals.

Gummy Bear Challenge

Find how to shrink or grow a gummy bear.