Papillion / LaVista Middle School HAL Students Learned About Alternative Energy

The third Engineering lesson for the Papillion/LaVista Middle School High Ability Learners was on different forms of alternative energy. The students built towers out of spaghetti and marshmallows, taking special care to make them structurally sound. After that, they built wind turbines using paper cups, plastic spoons, masking tape, and a leaf blower. Students learned […]

Papillion and LaVista HAL Middle School Students Interested in Law Learn About the Congress

Office of U.S. Congressman Don Bacon’s Project Coordinator, Makenzie Cartwright spent a large portion of the day on 2/21/2020, teaching the HAL (High Ability Learners) students at Papillion / LaVista Middle Schools all about the U.S. Congress, Senate, committees, bill selection and election process. The students were separated into two groups, initially, and one group […]

On 1/27/2020, Papillion and LaVista HAL Middle School Students interested in Engineering Built Roller Coasters

Papillion and LaVista HAL Middle School Students Interested In Engineering Learned About Hovercrafts 1/27/2020-1/30/202027JAN HAL (High Ability Learners) from Papillion and LaVista Middle Schools, interested in engineering, spent a day learning about and constructing roller coasters. The HAL students were given written instructions and design ideas that they created their own roller coasters from. They […]

Papillion / LaVista HAL Math Students Tour the Millard Airport

The HAL Math students from Papillion-LaVista spent the day 1-6-2020 at the Millard Airport learning how critical weight loading is for aircraft. They learned about the center of gravity, how to calculate Arm and moment and fuel consumption rates and so much more!!! Mr. Jim Beyer, of Aviation Nation, led our group all around the […]