Exploring the Future: Recap of the 15th Annual Nebraska Robotics Technology Expo

Last Saturday, February 17th, 2024, marked a momentous occasion for robotics enthusiasts and technology aficionados alike as the 15th Annual Nebraska Robotics Technology Expo unfolded with grandeur and excitement. Presented by Prairie STEM and graciously hosted by Howard Kennedy Elementary School, this year’s expo saw an array of innovations, competitions, and collaborations that left attendees […]

Crafting Harmony: Exploring the Physics of Sound Through Ukulele Making

Greetings, music enthusiasts and science aficionados! We’re thrilled to take you on a melodic journey through the recent “Physics of Sound” workshop, an inspiring collaboration between Prairie STEM, the Omaha Chamber Music Society, and Kaneko. Held on February 10th, this workshop transformed the world of sound into a vibrant tapestry of learning and discovery for […]