Why Partner With Us

Working directly in partnership with Industry, Prairie STEM sees itself as a bridge connecting the jobs of today/tomorrow with the skilled workforce of the future. We work collaboratively with our industry partners to implement customized solutions to help their future workforce not only learn what current employers are looking for in talent acquisition but also the soft skills needed to succeed in jobs where everyone already has the hard skills.   We are a listen first organization that recognizes the needs of local and regional companies by working with schools, teachers and students to directly impact those needs through relevant coursework and lessons that relate back to industry demands. Students in the Prairie STEM program are exposed to not only the best tools in technology but more importantly are looking to those individuals and mentors within those corporate citizenship programs as key influences in their lives and future careers. Early exposure and high frequency engagement between education and industry is the key to regional economic success. Without our industry partners, we are leaving kids behind.

Measurable impact on investment and funding

Direct access to future workforce development

Corporate citizenship

High frequency industry branding/messaging

State-wide research and development via student-centric focus groups

Impacting regional economic success